Help to find your WAZE!

by Wirefly Buzz on May 06, 2013
App Name: WAZE
Operating System: BlackBerry, iOS, Android
App Cost: $0.00 (as of 05/06/13)

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

Their tag line is  "Outsmarting Traffic, Together", and that's exactly what this app sets out to do.  As the world's fastest-growing crowdsourced traffic-mapping application with over 40 million subscribers, WAZE relies on its community of users, not news reports, to notify drivers of traffic irregularities such as speed traps, traffic congestion, gas prices, and even sudden road closures and construction blocks.  The result: an up-to-the-minute and extremely accurate traffic report that helps save everyone time and money on their daily commute.

I particularly love using this app during long distance trips on interstates.  I make several trips a year on some of our nation's busiest highways like I-95 and I-81.    These heavily traffic roads often have issues that severely affect my arrival times at my destinations.   Because WAZE enables users to comment and post about their commutes in real-time, I am able to navigate around traffic jams, accidents, and anticipate police speed traps.  If you have a heavy right foot, being informed of potential radar in advance may help keep you out of the pokey and prevent your insurance bill from skyrocketing!  Perhaps an even better way to save, WAZE also helps you navigate to the cheapest gas stations on your route - all provided by its community of active users.

I've been using separate GPS and Navigation systems in my cars for years.  These standalone or integrated units are very costly up front, plus in some cases, you have to pay for monthly subscription for the traffic service.   Also, thieves are notorious for targeting cars with visible GPS units.  With WAZE on your phone, you always have the ability to navigate and avoid traffic!   No worries about updating maps for new routes or new roads, WAZE will keep up with those changes for you.  

There is some advertising on the app, but it is minimal.  They may point out a paid advertiser located on your route but it's not distracting nor invasive.  In fact, you may be in need of nourishment and there could be a great donut shop along your route!



  • FREE!
  • Easy to use
  • Real time navigation and traffic info
  • Save money by avoiding speed traps & gas stations with the best prices
  • Save time using routes away from accidents and traffic jams



  • Consumes battery life
  • Can distract driver and avert attention away from driving
  • Some ads/commercials, but not too bad

Final Verdict

A must-have for any commuter, or for that matter, any driver! This app will make sure you are on time to your destination and avoid costly traffic tickets & expensive gas. What more could you ask for, and it's free!