TV Lovers Rejoice: There Is An App For That

by Jacqueline Bailey on October 10, 2013
App Name: Spoiler Shield
Operating System: iOS, Android
App Cost: $0.00 (as of 10/10/13)

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

How many times has your best friend, uncle, or chatty neighbor ruined the ending of your favorite TV show via Twitter and Facebook? You shouldn't feel punished for not having enough time to watch shows live every single week, and you shouldn't be forced not to use your smartphone during them!

Spoiler Shield is a brand new app available in the Apple iTunes store, and soon to be in the Google Play store. It hides posts about your favorite shows and sports games based on your settings. You get to decide which shows you want to block, like Mad Men, The Voice, and even NFL and MLB games. This smartphone app is brand new, so it may not have every show you want just yet, but its list is full of many of the popular TV shows that we love.

After downloading the app, you are provided with a list of over 30 TV shows AND the NFL/MLB games that can be blocked from your Twitter and Facebook feeds. So you no longer have to sit in isolation while you wait to catch up on Mad Men!  

Through Spoiler Shield, you can access both your Twitter and Facebook feeds all in one app. And if you decide you want to read one of the hidden posts, all you have to do is double tap the post to un-block it.

Just when you thought your season finales were about to be ruined by a busy schedule and bigmouthed friends, we found an app for you. Spoiler Shield is a free smartphone app that will relieve stress from your electronic life. Once again, Wirefly has got you covered. 


  • Features over 30 TV shows and professional sports
  • You no longer have to hide during your favorite programs
  • Accesses Twitter and Facebook from one app


  • Spoiler Shield is a brand new app, so it doesn't have every show you want yet

Final Verdict

This smartphone app is great for anybody who has to neglect their favorite television shows and sports games while they come on live, and doesn’t want them spoiled by social media. Download Spoiler Shield before your chatty friends ruin another season finale!