Tree Identification Made Easy

by Jacqueline Bailey on August 02, 2013
App Name: vTree
Operating System: iOS, Android
App Cost: $0.00 (as of 8/2/13)

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

Ever wondered what tree is right outside your office window but never bothered to look it up? Or did you not even know where to start? Virginia Tech Tree Identification has your back.

The vTree app, available in both the Google Play store and iTunes app store, makes North American tree identification easier than ever! This smartphone app takes you through a series of questions to help identify the plant in front of you and even uses GPS to find your location to get your answer faster. With over 6,400 pictures of leaves, flowers, twigs, fruit, bark, etc. identification is incredibly simple and fast.

Gardeners, tree specialists, and observant people will love this app. It's educational and it's FREE! Learning about the plants around you can be really helpful for emergency situations (poison ivy) or just for curiosity's sake. The Virginia Tech Tree Identification app gives you a list of what the possible plant could be, even if you didn't give a perfect description in your previous multiple choice answers. The pictures make identification extremely easy for those who don't know exact characteristics of leaves, twigs, etc.

Since the app loads a significant amount of data tables, you want to make sure you have a smartphone that can handle all the information and still run smoothly.

You are also able to ask tree specialist Dr. Dendro at Virginia Tech about a specific question just by pressing a button on the app. There are fantastic Master Gardener programs all over the country through other land grant colleges, but Virginia Tech has local organizations of Master Gardeners through Virginia Cooperative Extension. The vTree app truly shows off their talent and brings plant identification right to your smartphone.


  • Large list of plant species
  • Easily comparable photos to what is in front of you
  • Quick response
  • GPS ensures accuracy of plant name


  • An update is needed to quicken the data table upload
  • App may take up a lot of space on your phone

Final Verdict

This app is great for anybody interested in their surroundings or has ever wondered what plant is right in front of them. Virginia Tech definitely delivers with the vTree smartphone app!