Shutterfly: Store, Print, and Share your Photo's!

by Casey Fox on September 25, 2013
App Name: Shutterfly
Operating System: iOS, Android
App Cost: $0.00 (as of 09/19/13)

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

Cell phone storage - there never seems to be enough space! Between apps, music, movies, and books, I often end up seeing the dreaded "no room for additional pictures" message. Being the mom of a busy 16 month old stopping all the pictures just won't happen. Remembering to connect my phone to my computer to download images doesn't happen often either. My solution? The Shutterfly app! I order items on Shutterfly all the time anyway, great quality and prices, so the app was a no brainer!

I try to stay organized, but having a full-time job, a child, and a husband, I don't get nearly as much time for my hobbies as once before. There is no limit to the number of albums or images within your account, allowing me to organize to my heart's content! Share directly from Shutterfly's interface or save to back up your camera roll. Between the ease of uploading and sharing, I can stay organized and keep the family in the loop!

With the holidays coming up, a great way to give a personal present (without spending a lot of time or money) is a photo gift. From phone cases to notebooks, Shutterfly offers a large number of options (the desktop site offers more than the app, but still a good amount). 6 clicks total take you from selecting the photo to completing the purchase. 

Shutterfly AppShutterflyShutterfly App

The menu offers a plethora of options from viewing your orders to support. The special offers tab often has mobile only offers (including free items). Uploading to Shutterfly is incredibly easy. Clicking on the upload tabs brings up the albums on your phone, and you can upload select photos or all. You can see in the picture Shutterfly recognized that I had previously uploaded some pictures, so it won't upload them again (when bulk uploading).

Shutterfly AlbumsShutterfly PrintsShutterfly Prints

Ordering prints directly from your phone is so quick it's dangerous! Shutterfly also allows you to pull images from your phone, your Shutterfly albums, Facebook, and Instagram to print!  


  • Bulk upload images off your phone to a photo sharing/printing website with very few clicks.
  • Print images quickly (able to make enhancements/cropping through the app).
  • Able to see previous orders (both mobile and web) including tracking information.
  • Share with the push of a button (through Twitter, FaceBook, email, and more)!


  • I help maintain a few Share sites for my daughter's "school" which requires a separate app.
  • Limited custom products although they have a separate app for photo books (only available for the iPad as of now).

Final Verdict

If you take a large number of pictures with your phone, you have to get this app! View all your images without taking up space on your phone!