Paper – Stories From Facebook Is Like Flipboard With Your Newsfeed Inside

by Scott Lewis on February 04, 2014
App Name: Paper - stories from Facebook
Operating System: iOS
App Cost: $0.00 (as of 2/04/14)

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

Would you like more from Facebook? To keep from going the way of MySpace and the dodo, the creative minds at Facebook HQ have launched Paper - stories from Facebook. This exciting new app is designed to make Facebook a place to go to get information from your circle of friends and a place to get information about topics that interest you.

Setting up Paper was very easy. After downloading the app and signing in, I was prompted to select from a list of categories that might interest me. I expected to only have a few categories to choose from but was delighted to see a large selection that included Headlines, Tech, Score, Enterprise, Pop Life, Creators, Flavor, Exposure, Ideas, Equalize, Planet, All City, Well Lived, Family Matters, Cute, LOL, Glow, Home, and Pride. Some of them are easy to figure out what type of information they will display, however they all display a brief description on the screen to inform you before you make your selections.



After you select the topics you would like to incorporate in to your Paper, you are ready to start navigating. This is another place that I was completely surprised and delighted. The Paper app politely and clearly took me through a quick tutorial on how to navigate the new Flipboard like app. Navigating can be broken down in to just a few gestures that might take a little time to get used to but should become second nature quickly. For instance, the top of your display is where you can swipe left and right to scroll between the different topics you selected during setup. Under the main topic image that rotates through the top stories, you will find tiles to scroll through that provide an endless amount of headlines and news stories about the topic you are on.

This is also a new way to look through and interact with your Facebook newsfeed. To access your newsfeed swipe all the way to the left on the top section and then you will be able to scroll through each post at the bottom just like browsing the news headlines. You can enlarge each tile with a simple swipe from bottom to top and then shrink it back down with a top to bottom swipe. Don't worry, interacting with posts from your friends and family is still right on the screen and they have not changed anything about that part of Facebook. All of the icons are still the same and the entire user interface is very user friendly. In fact, I think this new way of looking at and digesting news and headlines makes it easier to share topics and stories that interest you.


  • Easy to use
  • FREE
  • Adds a little something to an already good thing
  • Feels natural navigating the different feeds


  • None

Final Verdict

I think that this is exactly what Facebook needed to do to stay current and fresh when it was starting to look like younger generations were dropping their accounts for other social media sites.