Illustrate like a pro with Sketchbook Mobile Pro

by Rob W. on May 08, 2013
App Name: Sketchbook Mobile Pro
Operating System: iOS, Android
App Cost: $1.99 (as of 05/08/13)

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

Ever wanted to produced photoshop quality illustrations on your smartphone? If so, then stop what you are doing and download the Sketchbook Mobile Pro immediately!  With its abundance of features and functionality, this app will please even the most demanding artist.

The program starts off with your traditional top level menu. Like photoshop, there are tons of tools, brushes and effects you can use. However, instead of populating them in a drop down heavy menu, Sketchbook Mobile Pro did something really unique.Upon opening the program on your smartphone, you will find a circle in the middle of the display. A simple press of the circle reveals the pens, brushes, fill and erase tools conveniently in the middle of the screen.  Admittinlgly, this change took some getting used to, but after a few tries, I quickly got the hang of it and I now find it is actually more intuitive than the photoshop tool menu.

What sets this program apart from other mobile apps is the ability to use layers to composite images, which up to now was only available via photoshop on your desktop. Not only can you create new layers but you can adjust where they are with ease. Pull layers in front or send them back for different effects. This feature allows for superemely detailed professional quality illustrations. 

Sketchbook Mobile Pro also allows you to import images taken with your phone or imported to your phone with ease. Simply tap the import icon and choose which image you'd like to manipulate.

Another unique feature that this app does that no other drawing app can do is allow you to save your file as a .psd or photoshop file. I can now take the idea I just created on my phone and open it at home with photoshop on my computer!


Sketchbook Mobile Pro                Sketchbook Mobile Pro App



  • Layers and Photoshop quality drawing tools with a large variety of brushes and brush options, including an eraser and flood fill.
  • Intutive layout wheel that hides all the tools well but allows for easy availability. 
  • Import images from phone to manipulate.
  • Professional grade drawings and paintings. 
  • Symmetric mode, offset painting mode, simulated pressure.
  • Six layers, canvas size up to 1024 x 682, zoom from 20% to 2500%.
  • Export layered PSD files and send by email for further processing in Photoshop.


  • Text tool doesn't work all that well.  
  • When sketching too quickly, app can lag slightly.
  • Opening saved files has some run around.

Final Verdict

If your an artist on the go who wants a photoshop quality app on your mobile device this is the one!