Help, I Can't Wake Up!

by Tracy Lewis on March 06, 2014

Daylight Savings time happens twice per year. In the spring, the U.S. springs forward and this unfortunately means that we lose an hour. Whether you consider it a lost hour of sleep, quality time with family, or work any way you look at it we lose an hour of precious weekend time.

The lost hour of sleep is going to make it even more difficult for you to wake up that first Monday morning after the time change. The I Can't Wake Up app is the perfect app to make sure that you don't push the snooze one too many times. You actually have the option to select how many times you can choose to snooze or if you can even snooze at all. This app doesn't just play your favorite song as the alarm or have some annoying buzzer, it challenges your brain to "wake it up." You can choose from things like completing math problems, repeating patterns, or shaking your phone. These are all great ideas if you are someone that turns off your alarm without even realizing it.

You can also choose to scan a bar code on a product with your smartphone. For example, you could choose the barcode of your shampoo or your favorite cereal. This means that you would have to head to the bathroom or kitchen to get the alarm to shut off. Once you are awake and out of bed you will be less likely to go lay down again. Choose from any of the eight different wake up tasks or choose the random option and be surprised at the wake up challenge. The I Can't Sleep app is free and is available for your Android device in the Google Play Store.


  • Unique alarm that can "wake up" your brain
  • You can set a different time for everyday
  • Can also be used as a timer


  • Make sure that your phone is not silenced or the alarm will not sound

Final Verdict

This app is so much more than a basic alarm clock!  It actually forces you to do something to make the alarm sound stop.  I love it!