Get Fit In 2014 With Nike Training Club

by Jacqueline Bailey on January 21, 2014
App Name: Nike Training Club
Operating System: iOS, Android
App Cost: $0.00 (as of 1/9/2014)

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

Are you determined to accomplish your New Years resolution? If your 2014 resolution was to get fit, then Wirefly has the perfect smartphone app to help you stick to your goals and make 2014 a better year. 

Nike Training Club is a free smartphone app that virtually trains you, featuring exercises for women to get in shape. It includes celebrities like Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova with over 100 workouts at your fingertips, just to get you feeling fitter for the new year. 

Available in both the Google Play store and iTunes App store, this app is a virtual trainer that you don't have to pay for. With a fitness app like this on your smartphone, you're able to workout when it fits into your schedule and control your own workout each day. A great part about it is that it will continue to motivate you until you reach your goal, which is what everyone really needs to complete their resolutions.

It allows you to get toned, get fit, and get strong, according to the app's various features. With audio instructions, video demos, and the ability to listen to music from your own library, the app truly keeps you motivated and focused. 

You can find this free fitness app on your Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy S 4, HTC One, a few Motorola devices, and several other Android devices, so make sure you check to see if your Android smartphone will support this app. The creators of Nike Training Club are working to make the app more compatible with Android devices and will have a larger selection of smartphones in the future.

If you were looking for a sign to get fit in 2014, this is a great one. Download Nike Training Club to control your own health and focus on the areas you want to strengthen, and even switch up your workout from day to day. With a free personal trainer in your smartphone, getting in shape couldn't be easier!


  • Free!
  • Over 100 workouts featuring famous athletes 
  • You control your workout
  • Audio motivation and video demos


  • Not supported on all devices, but they are committed to making it more available to Android users
  • Designed only for women

Final Verdict

This smartphone app is fantastic for anyone looking to brighten up their 2014 resolutions by making them easier! Getting in shape is becoming very convenient in the digital age with the Nike Training Club app.