A Free App That Might Save Your Life

by Scott Lewis on May 28, 2013
App Name: Hurricane - American Red Cross
Operating System: iOS, Android
App Cost: $0.00 (as of 5/28/13)

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

In today's connected world, not being able to reach friends and family for any length of time is worrying.  Add a natural disaster like a hurricane and that worry multiplies at least 10 times.

The American Red Cross has a new FREE app for Android smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy S 4, DROID RAZR Maxx HD by Motorola, or the HTC One, called Hurricane - American Red Cross. The app is designed to help keep your family and friends safely connected to loved ones in a hurricane emergency.  This educational app helps you prepare, in addition to providing lifesaving alerts, and shelter location information.

You can increase your knowledge of the hurricane in the test section of the app.  While this might not sound like a fun section of the app, you will learn things that will increase your awareness of the power and danger that’s unleashed by a hurricane.

In the prepare section of the app, you will learn the difference between a hurricane watch and warning (I always mix them up) and what you need to plan for in the event you are in the path of a hurricane.  In this section you will also setup an emergency contact to alert in the event of an emergency.  The Hurricane - American Red Cross app will alert your selected contact via text message and email as well as posting a customized "I'm Safe" message to Facebook and Twitter.

One of the most important sections of this American Red Cross app is the watch and warning alerts for hurricanes, tropical storms, floods, and tornadoes.

If your area is going to be hit by a hurricane, you might need to seek refuge in an emergency shelter.  The shelters tab will show you the location of all active shelters and it is updated every 15 minutes.


  • A FREE app that might save your life
  • Helps you prep for a hurricane by bringing up topics you might forget about
  • Helps you during an emergency to find shelter
  • Helps you connect to loved ones while no relying on over taxed or broken networks.


  • Requires GPS location to be turned on your phone to receive alerts

Final Verdict

I'm not sure why you wouldn't want to download this app if you or a friend or family member might be in the path of a hurricane.  The amount of useful information and planning material inside this app surprised and impressed me.  Download it now!