Do You Want To Be A Ghostbuster?

by Rob W. on October 14, 2013
App Name: SpecTrek
Operating System: Android
App Cost: $2.49 (as of 10/10/13)

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

Have you ever wanted to be a real life Ghostbuster? Do you think you're too old for trick-or-treating but you still love ghouls and ghosts? Then Spek Trek might be the app for you! Spek Trek is a virtual ghost experience that that uses your phone's GPS to turn it into a ghost-hunting compass.

When the game loads you have the option of choosing 3 game modes. Short which is 15 minutes, a 45 minutes medium length game, or long which is 2 hours. After you choose your game length, an interface similar to Google Maps comes up and starts to display ghosts on the map along with how far they are from you.  Tilt your Android smartphone upright from the flat map mode and your phone becomes a virtual ghost finder. You will literally see ghost floating in your living room! Once you find the ghost there is a net icon on the screen you press to capture the ghost.


  • Loads of fun for the entire family
  • You can control the length of time that you play
  • Easy to use interface


  • Costs $2.49
  • Some people have experienced issues getting GPS to connect to the app

Final Verdict

So instead of wishing you searching for candy take your friends out into the neighborhood and catch some virtual ghost! This game is 100% family friendly, so you can play with you kids as well. So hope in your imaginary Ecto-1, grab your Android powered proton pack and go ghost hunting!