Create Your Travel Packing List On Your Smartphone

by Tracy Lewis on February 19, 2014
App Name: Packing List
Operating System: Android
App Cost: $0.00

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

I don't know about you, but I have to make a list before I can start to pack for a vacation or even a day trip. The free Packing List app, available from the Google Play Store, lets you create a custom packing list or you can use the master packing list that they supply. You can also begin with the master packing list as a base point and add or remove items until your list is complete. There is a suggested list for camping, skiing, and picnics as well as categories like toiletries, kids, and clothes. The Safety list should be a category on every packing list that you make because it reminds you to do things like lock the doors, turn off the lights, and close windows. Packing lists can be shared with others so family members can check off items as they pack. You can also list which piece of luggage such as suitcase or carryon so that you know where you packed the item.


  • Lists are reusable so if you go on the same trip often you won't have to write a new list
  • You can share lists with friends and family so no one forgets anything
  • The lists get saved so you can go back and review when packing for other trips
  • Master List includes travel docments and money- the two most important items!


  • Suggested lists are far from complete (at least for me because I am an overpacker)
  • Figuring out the app was a little tricky, but the video supplied on Google Play answered all of my questions

Final Verdict

I like the app for a couple of reasons.  I like that the lists save so I don't have to start a new one even though I am going on the same (or similar trip) and that it helps to keep me from WAY overpacking because I have a list to stick to.