ChefTap Recipe App

by Jacqueline Bailey on November 18, 2013
App Name: ChefTap
Operating System: Android
App Cost: $0.00 (as of 11/15/13)

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

If you've been searching for recipes on various different sites for Thanksgiving, stop now! ChefTap is a great new recipe smartphone app that has everything you want in one place. 

ChefTap is a virtual cookbook that combines your favorite apps like Pinterest and Epicurious so that you don't have to spend your holidays tirelessly looking for recipes on numerous sites. And you can make it your own by changing the recipes once you add them to your app.

It's like running your own cooking blog, with all of your favorite old and new recipes, which is just what you want around Thanksgiving! It also helps that you don't need access to the Internet to use this app, so if you're out at a relative's house in the middle of nowhere or just on-the-go, you can access whatever recipe you need. 

With ChefTap, downloadable in the Google Play store, you can import your own recipes and save up to 100 of other user's recipes. And you can also import any recipe you find from any other website, so you aren't limited to just the most popular ones.

This smartphone app is also easy to use because it allows you to sort recipes into several categories, like "dinner" and "vegetarian" so you're prepared for any cooking situation. 

Having all of your favorite cooking ideas in one place can really relieve some stress, especially when they're in the palm of your hand. ChefTap helps you stay organized with your meals so that you can spend your holidays the right way, with your friends and family. Wirefly's got you covered for this Thanksgiving holiday! 


  • Free!
  • Connects to popular apps and sites that you already love
  • Can add up to 100 recipes
  • You control what you want


  • Not yet available in the Apple iTunes store

Final Verdict

ChefTap is the perfect recipe smartphone app for the busy chef. It's free and it's easy-to-use, so what more could we want? Don't stress anymore about what to make when a friend drops in unexpectedly--just use one of your favorite saved recipes from ChefTap!