Celebrate Thanksgiving Cookie Dozer Style

by Tracy Lewis on November 20, 2013
App Name: Cookie Dozer Thanksgiving
Operating System: iOS, Android
App Cost: $.00 (as of 11/20/13)

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

Are you looking for a way to get in the Thanksgiving mood or maybe a way to pass time in those long holiday lines?  Than look no farther, because Cookie Dozer Thanksgiving is the perfect app to get you thinking about Thanksgiving and help you pass some time.

The goal of this Thanksgiving Cookie Dozer game is to add new cookies to the table and try to push the existing cookies off of the end of the table in to the prize basket.  The only catch is that you cannot push them off the sides or you will lose the points and prize for those cookies.  The game gets even more exciting when you collect some special prizes like Thanksgiving turkeys, pumpkins, pies, and other bonus items.   

Cookie Dozer Thanksgiving looks great on a large LCD touchscreen like the one on the Samsung Galaxy S4, LG G2 or the HTC One Android Smartphones.


  • Lots of fun for all ages
  • FREE
  • Works for Android and Apple smartphones
  • Great Thanksgiving themed fun


  • When you run out of cookies to drop you have to wait for more to “come out of the oven” before you can continue playing

Final Verdict

The Cookie Dozer Thanksgiving app is a great way to get everyone in the Thanksgiving mood.  This app is great any time of the year, but it could be extra handy to keep you or the kids busy while waiting in holiday shopping lines.