Became An Educated Tourist With Minube

by Jacqueline Bailey on February 19, 2014
App Name: minube
Operating System: iOS, Android
App Cost: $0.00 (as of 2/12/14)

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

If you've been looking for a way out of this horrific winter storm season, you should start looking in the app minube!

Minube is a smartphone app that connects you with thousands of other travellers who are constantly sharing their favorite places to stay, eat, and relax! It works like a social network site, where you have followers and receive notifications when somebody invites you to join their page.

How it works is you post what you like, whether it's a text post or a photo, of your favorite restaraunt, site, beach, etc. showing how great of a time you had there. All of your followers will see what you post, and the inspiration for their next vacation starts there. 

You can create a list of your favorite local places and invite your friends to share their favorite spots with you as well, so each of you branch out to get new and great ideas! For example, you may have a favorite local diner that none of your friends have heard about, but you think they would love. So share your experience with them via minube and maybe they'll share their favorite place with you!

Available in both the Google Play store and iTunes App Store, the minube smartphone app allows you to plan your own trip based on your needs and what you like from your followers. Sometimes it can get tiring doing whatever vacations your relatives or coworkers have taken if you're already out of ideas for the year and don't know where else to go. So make sure you download minube in order to stay fresh with vacation sites and get the best out of what you want. 


  • Free!
  • Add your own photos and experiences to share with other users
  • Get inspiration from other users for your next vacation
  • Profile can be private or public
  • Share your ideas with other sites like Facebook and Twitter
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Able to save a list of places you want to travel to


  • None!

Final Verdict

The minube smartphone app is helpful for any avid traveler or just a curious townie. It provides you with social connections that you wouldn't have made without it, as well as education on places you never thought you could go.