Baby Connect: A dream app for new moms

by Casey Fox on May 10, 2013
App Name: Baby Connect
Operating System: iOS, Android
App Cost: $4.99 (as of 4/29/13)

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

I'd heard the stories from of sleep deprived mothers. When was the baby fed last? Changed? What shots did they get at 3 months? Since carrying around a large binder in addition to all the other baby gear was just not practical, I went in search for an app to do the job. When I found the Baby Connect app, I was probably far too excited, but it was exactly what I needed!

Here's a few things you can track with this app: Feedings (nursing, bottles, solids, cups), Sleeping (where, when, duration, pacifier, etc), Diapers (type, quantity, etc), Mood, Medical (vaccinations, measurements, medicines, doctor visits, etc), Milestones, Diary, Messages, Photos, Potty, and more. It's incredibly handy to pull out at the first few doctor appointments to tell them exactly how she is eating, sleeping, etc.

One of the features we love with Baby Connect is that the child(ren) can be synced across multiple devices with multiple caregivers. I set up our daughter within my App on my iPhone, and then my husband downloaded the app on his Android phone and was added as a caregiver. The information sync's when we open the app and we both track her stats realtime. Gone are the moments of trying to rattle off the last time she ate, was fed, changed, etc - we just open the app!

Added bonus are the many ways to view the information. Several charts are built in and you can see trends in your child's habits. It's also very nice when you see the longest stretches of sleep growing, but it's also very beneficial to see what happens if they go down too late for a nap, don't get enough to eat, etc. You can also track multiple children with this app, set reminder alarms (sometimes you have to wake a sleeping baby to eat), and more. I feel that we are using this app for the basics, and even then it's still more than worth the $4.99!

Baby Connect App Summary Baby Connect App Medical Preview Baby Connect App Chart


  • Customization - Choose which icons are displayed on the home screen, set custom medication, food, or bottle amounts
  • Users - Multiples users can view and track the same child
  • Charts - From measurements to sleeping or eating, you can view everything in easy to read charts


  • There are some sections/icons that I haven't touched, and can't see using on a daily basis.
  • Emails - You can generate an email to send yourself with all the recent statistics, but it isn't formatted in the best way. Maybe importing into Excel would help?

Final Verdict

This app is absolutely worth the $4.99! My daughter is now 1, and my husband, mother and I have all used it from day one. I can easily look up what vaccines she has received, ensure she's eating enough, and so much more. For a new mom, this is a must have app!