Parking meters still exist...but pocket change doesn't

by Candace Owens on May 09, 2013
App Name: Parkmobile
Operating System: BlackBerry, iOS, Windows, Android
App Cost: $0.00 (as of 05/08/13)

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

Saturday 1pm, and you've just picked up your mother and little bratty sister from the airport. In between happy hugs from your mom and major attitude from your little sister, the only thing that is constant is their want to go to lunch in the middle of downtown. After you roll your eyes and ask yourself why you invited them to visit, of course you turn the car onto the freeway and head into the city... THE CITY! Are they serious? The place that locals avoid on the weekends. The home of the millions of lost tourist. The place of no parking lots and high priced valets. The place that if not prepared, can eat you up and spit you out as opposed to you enjoying your nice afternoon lunch! 

Alas, you make it to the city in one piece and start the dreaded hunt for a parking space and low and behold the parking gods have shined down on you! Right there in front of the restaurant is a parking spot. Not any old parking spot but one that appears to be exactly the right size! You park, hop out, go to the curb, approached the parking meter, reach into your pocket and..... NO CHANGE!!!

Sound familiar? So what do you do?

You pull out your smartphone and open the Parkmobile App!

Parkmobile provides mobile payments for on- and off-street parking, digital parking permits, real-time enforcement and a seamless transit parking experience. Parkmobile’s services are used in 400 cities around the world. In most heavily populated cities you will see Parkmobile signs planted all around town each with a different zone code. You can easily park by calling the 800 number on the sign and registering by giving them your zone number, credit card number and license plate number. They'll even send you a text message when your meter is about to expire, at which time you can call in and renew your session. Now with the new Parkmobile app this process has gotten even more convenient.

How it works after you've registered:

  1. Log into the app
  2. Scan or Enter your Zone Number
  3. Enter the amount of time you wish to pay
  4. Log off

Parkmobile will store your license plate and credit card number until you no longer want to be registered with the service.  When your session has expired you'll get an alert, log onto the app and click renew. It's that simply.

Parking several cars? Parkmobile will allow you to park and pay for up to three cars on one account.

Park in the same zone area often? Parkmobile will store your zone. Simply log in, select your saved zone, and off you go.

Want to know if an area you are visiting has parking? Click on the map feature and the app with let you know.

Can't remember where you've park the car? Parkmobile will find it for you. It will even let you take a picture of a landmark for easy locating later.

They have truly made parking simple! 

So go out there and be a weekend warrior, The Parkmobile App is the parking made simple app and it has got you covered.


  • No longer searching for loose change.
  • No longer running back to your meter to "feed it"
  • License plate is stored
  • One click parking
  • Cheaper parking. You can pay for exactly the amount of time you need as opposed to rounding to the highest hour
  • App helps you locate you car
  • Can park several cars
  • Can store 3 license plates for people with multiple cars
  • Can store your zone for easier parking
  • Reminders when your session expires
  • Easy renewal of a session


None! I honestly have not run into any cons!

Final Verdict

I love this app! I use it every time I park in Washington DC. I no longer have to run to feed the meter or look for quarters. If I am with my friends and want to pay for their parking I can easily. Most recently, a group of girlfriends all went out in one car and we each paid for a parking session on Parkmobile.  It is so convenient. I suggest it to every one.