Sprint Early Upgrades

Did You Know About Sprint's Early Upgrades?

News | September 13, 2013 7:47 AM | by Jacqueline Bailey

Did you know that if you are eligible to upgrade your Sprint contract on any date this month, that you can do so starting the 1st? Wirefly will upgrade you today!

You don't have to wait until the end of the month if that's when your contract is up! Grab a new Sprint smartphone or cell phone right when you want it.

Start shopping for a new smartphone like the...

Keep Your Facebook Information Protected

News | September 13, 2013 7:15 AM | by Scott Lewis

Who can view your Facebook pictures and information? Unless you've updated your security settings, the entire world might have access to pictures of your friends, relatives, and even your children. Some say, what's the big deal if my pictures and information are available for everyone to view? With more and more information available on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+,...

Are You Interested In Pinterest?

App Reviews | September 13, 2013 6:19 AM | by Scott Lewis

One of the fastest-growing sites ever to hit the web, Pinterest can be enjoyed through a mobile app for iPhone, Windows Phone and Android devices. Each app, designed specifically for its platform, lets you browse through pins and boards, add your own pins, and manage account settings.

Before we get too far in to the app review let me define a few common terms that Pinterest pinners will...

Getting Your Smartphone Ready For A Run

News | September 11, 2013 7:04 AM | by Scott Lewis

Today's smartphone has made a few electronic devices expendable. The camera on your smartphone is probably more advance and takes better picture than the last point-and-shoot camera you bought. Most people don't even carry a...

DryCASE Waterproof Case

Keep Your Phone Safe From Water With DryCASE

News | September 10, 2013 7:04 AM | by Scott Lewis

There are many protective cases on the market, but the DryCASE Waterproof Phone Case is a little bit different than most. This waterproof case uses a vacuum seal to keep...

MyFitnessPal App

MyFitnessPal Helps You Track All Of Your Fitness Goals

App Reviews | September 10, 2013 6:46 AM | by Scott Lewis

MyFitnessPal, a free app for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry smartphones, is a great motivator to help you meet your weight loss goals. Within the MyFitnessPal app, you can get support from your community of friends, track progress, and set your weight loss goals. MyFitnessPal's community-oriented app design helps you leverage encouragement from your friends when you need it most...

Fall Into A Great Unlimited Value With Sprint Free Activation

News | September 09, 2013 12:19 PM | by Scott Lewis

With fall almost upon us, thoughts start to turn to hayrides, football, and the holiday shopping season. Get an early jump on your holiday shopping by switching to Sprint today. Sprint customers can select a plan with unlimited talk, text, and data, or they can choose to pay for a...