Moto X

Possible Moto X+1 Prototype Leaked in Pictures

News | August 21, 2014 7:43 PM | by Guile Canencia

Fans of the Moto X have been hearing rumors about the smartphone's highly-anticipated sequel (known as the Moto X+1). Even as recently as a week ago, a series of images were posted by HelloMotoHK via its Facebook page. The leaked photos showed...

New Moto X Photos Suggests A Bigger Version

News | August 15, 2014 9:02 PM | by Guile Canencia

Via its Facebook page, HelloMotoHk has posted a set of images that may show the front panel of Moto X+1, the newest version of Moto X, the flagship smartphone of Motorola.In the posted images, the aforementioned front panel is shown next to a current Moto X. Looking closely, the Moto X+1's front panel appears to have cutouts for the front speaker and earpiece (it's also quite possible that the...

Moto X by Motorola

The Google Doodle In The Form Of A Smartphone

Product Reviews | October 16, 2013 1:42 PM | by Candace Owens

My first experience with the Moto X went much like the one described above. It started with a simple question: What is the Moto X? I Googled it and saw some exciting pictures and said to myself I have to see this in person. So here I am holding one in my hand! Unlike some other smartphones, the Moto X sports sleek rounded corners and a curved back cover. It lacks clunky borders and garners a 4...