Microsoft Cleaning Up Misleading Apps In Windows Store

News | August 28, 2014 12:33 AM | by Guile Canencia

Windows Phone has a lot of catching up to do with iOS and Android, at least in terms of popularity and market share. iOS and Android may be considered two of the more established smartphone operating systems existing today, but Microsoft has been making efforts to join the conversation. The latest of which is their recent cleaning up of their app store, which when done, should help put...

Microsoft’s Nokia Lumia 830 Leaked Via Brazil’s Certification Agency

News | August 23, 2014 12:56 AM | by Guile Canencia

Yet to be publicly announced, the Lumia 830 will be the next upper mid-range device to be released by Nokia, which is now owned by Microsoft. Like any other anticipated new phone model, the Lumia 830 has its own share of rumors and leaks associated with it. For instance, last July, a series of photos were posted on the Chinese website Weibo, purportedly showing the phone's exterior,...

Microsoft Announces Basic Phone: Nokia 130

News | August 12, 2014 4:56 PM | by Logan Abbott

After a few years of being almost exclusively in the smartphone telecom industry, it seems that Microsoft is changing course, a bit. Back in April 2014, Microsoft acquired Finnish tech company Nokia with the intent of becoming larger players in the smartphone industry. After the acquisition, Nokia stopped all production of smartphones on every operating system other than Windows Phone. Despite...

Nokia Lumia 928 is Verizon's latest flagship WP8 smartphone

Nokia Lumia 928: A bright light shining through the Windows Phone 8 pane

Product Reviews | May 16, 2013 11:23 AM | by Megan Murray

Stylistically, Nokia designed the Lumia 928 to be super sleek and ultra-thin with sharp corners and flat sides - a wise improvement to its cousin the Lumia 920, which was a bit clunky and thick.  And clearly Nokia also heard those naysayers who complained that the 920 was too heavy, because the 928 is ultra-lightweight.   Under the hood, the Lumia 928 is quite similar to the 920.  Both run on...