Get The Tablet Size In A Smartphone With The Samsung Galaxy Mega!

by Michele Farlow on December 13, 2013
Device Name: Samsung Galaxy Mega for Sprint
Operating System: Android
Available Carrier(s): Sprint
Manufacturer: Samsung
Available Color(s): Black (Sprint), White (Sprint)

Tell Me About It

The Samsung Galaxy Mega is an Android 4G LTE smartphone with a BIG design. With its 6.3-inch Full HD (Size) display, you will be sure to engage in ways you never knew possible. The Galaxy Mega gives you the power of a tablet in the size of a smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Mega's large display allows you to choose split view and multi window options, which makes multi-tasking an easy endeavor. With 16GB of memory, you will have plenty of room to store all of your pictures, videos, and apps in one place. The Mega is great for capturing those precious moments with its 8MP camera and zero shutter lag; giving you the crispest pictures imaginable. The Samsung Galaxy Mega's Air View finger hover capability lets you be as far as an inch away from touching your screen and still be able to navigate. No more need for an S Pen Accessory!

Who It's Good For

The Samsung Galaxy Mega is great for any person who loves the features of a smartphone but wishes it was a little bit bigger and easier to manage. Someone who may not have the greatest eyesight would be a perfect candidate for this phone in that they will no longer struggle to see the screen when making a call, texting, or reading emails. It is also great for anyone who has more than one child. We all know children need to be entertained and smartphones are great for watching movies on, but if there is more than one child watching at a time, it can get a little difficult to see clearly. The size of the display makes it easy for many to watch and have no issues seeing what is on the screen. 

What Makes It Great

  • Smartphone with a tablet size
  • 6.3-inch Full HD Display
  • 8MP Primary Camera
  • Curved display for minimal scratches
  • Air Gesture Technology so you can control your phone without touching it
  • Multi Window for multi-tasking

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

The Samsung Galaxy Mega is great because its 6.3-inch HD display allows it to fall into the "Phablet" category which is simply a combination of a phone and tablet. Phablets are becoming more and more popular amoungst Wirefly shoppers and wireless shoppers in general because you get all of the technology of an Android smartphone but with the size of a tablet. Although not quite as big as most tablets, the Mega allows you to feel like you are taking your personal tablet with you on the go. The Mega is large enough that browsing the web, watching your favorite movies, and playing games is clear and beautiful while being portable enough to take with you anywhere. It also adds all of those great calling features that you can only get with a smartphone. 


The Samsung Galaxy Mega is great because it has all of the great technology of a smartphone with a big tablet design.