Flipboard: Bringing Great Information To One Place!

by A. Balasubramanian on November 06, 2013
App Name: Flipboard
Operating System: BlackBerry, iOS, Android
App Cost: $0.00 (as of 11/5/13)

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

Do you habitually read a diverse range of topics (Whether it's online or in a magazine/newspaper), and from many different sources? If you do then Flipboard is something that you might really like for your Android smartphone. Let's assume you are the exact opposite. You don't follow much of what's happening in the world, only because you don't have the time to prod through the maze of mind boggling information spinning all around you. Did you not hear about Miley's earth shattering performance at the VMA awards until your friends brought it up two weeks later over drinks? Or did you draw a blank when your boss gushed about Peyton's ridiculous TD pass record? Flipboard might just save you from all that embarrassment if you have the desire to learn and use it!

Before I get too far ahead of myself, Flipboard is a nifty little app that does the heavy lifting of all that fancy information to one central location, literally bringing them to your fingertips! It's got a fantastic interface, and you can flip through articles like in a magazine, almost giving it the feel of a real page. Topics are classified as pictorial icons or magazines, covering a wide range of categories - Technology, Sports, Style, Politics, Travel, Food, Music, Film and several others (You can just subscribe to subjects you like or remove them whenever you want). You can even link into social networking feeds and make them part of your cover stories. The most enjoyable aspect of Flipboard for me, though, is the ability to build and personalize your own magazines. And it's really easy to do as well. There is a red ribbon at the top corner to help you to search for or view topics in your Flipboard. Just click to peruse through any article you like, hit the plus sign at top or bottom, give your magazine a name, and then simply flip the article into it! (Or flip it into an existing magazine). You can add many different articles to your magazine, promote any page to your cover, share magazines with friends via Email or Facebook, save pictures to your camera roll and do many more actions (Tap on the symbol that looks like the mail forwarding button at the top to see these options).


  • Unreal magazine interface!
  • Quick and fast flipping of pages
  • Create your own cover stories and personalize your own magazine by adding articles to it
  • Share magazines on Facebook or via Email with friends and family


  • Flipboard is growing fast and its huge database is impressive, but not all branded content is available directly on its platform
  • You can share an entire magazine via email, but viewing every page might require the end user to install the flipboard app

Final Verdict

In the end, Flipboard can be that one great compendium of information you never knew you wanted and the closest thing you will find on an android phone to a real reading experience!