Roku And DISH Team Up For The Ultimate Viewing Experience!

by Michele Farlow on January 23, 2014

DISH is already one of the leading TV providers for the United States, providing hundreds of channels, international TV, Home DVR service, and much more. With the extremely low prices offered now at Wirefly, there seems to be no reason not to make the decision to switch to DISH. For the sake of those who still may be questioning which service to choose, let me point out one more thing that has made DISH stand out against its competitors. 

DISH has teamed up with the Roku brand to give customers access to DishWorld right from the Roku device. For those of you who do not know, Roku is very similar to the Apple TV which streams your favorite TV shows and movies onto your TV through various apps. Those apps include Netflix, HuluPlus, Amazon Instant Video, and Blockbuster On Demand, just to name a few. Another that I find is very much worth mentioning and can only be viewed on the Roku is DishWorld. DishWorld is very popular for the international customers because it comes with over 180 channels in 15 languages, hundreds of Bollywood movies, tons of foreign films, sports, and more. 

The great part is that DishWorld is separate from a DISH TV subscription so you do not have to be a DISH subscriber to enjoy this service. Simply sign up on the DishWorld website and for a low monthly rate in which you can view DishWorld on the internet and your Roku. This is a great way to get a feel for just how fantastic DISH TV is and could very well make you want to make the switch completely. 

DISH World For Roku

DishWorld is a great app for anyone looking to experience all that international TV has to offer and view it on a device that allows you to move from room to room and watch anytime. This just goes to show you how much DISH cares about its customers and wants their viewing experience to be special.