Christmas Gift List App: Organize Your Gift Buying On Your Smartphone

by Michele Farlow on November 26, 2013
App Name: Christmas Gift List
Operating System: Android
App Cost: $0.00 (as of 11/26/13)

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

The Holidays are officially here and for most of us that means it's time to empty our bank accounts on the many gifts we plan on buying our friends and families this year. Let's face it, the Holidays can be stressful! We have so much to do in such a little amount of time.

The Christmas Gift List app is great for taking a little bit of stress off of this already stressful time of year. This Android app can be found in the Google Play store and best of all is free. This app allows you to make a list of everyone you plan on buying gifts for this year, set a budget amount for each person, add in gift as you buy them, and so much more. The app is password protected so no need to worry about those pesky friends or family snooping through your phone to see what you got them. You can even add in the gifts each person has asked for and check it off of your list as you buy them, so that you will always remember what you need to buy and what you have already purchased. Set a budget for each person so that as the gifts accrue, you can see how much you have left to spend.

Download the Christmas Gift List app now and start recording all of your gift ideas so that you do not get caught at the last minute without a clue as to who you need to buy for or what they would like.


  • Great organizational tool for the Holidays
  • Keep a budget in place so you do not overspend
  • Password protected so others cannot see what you are getting them
  • Free


  • None

Final Verdict

This app is great for the busy individual that needs help keeping their Holiday shopping organized or someone who is on a budget and needs assistance in keeping their gifts under that budget.