Bitstrips Is The New Way To Communicate!

by Michele Farlow on October 30, 2013
App Name: Bitstrips
Operating System: iOS, Android
App Cost: $0.00

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

Ever wondered what you would look like as a cartoon? Well, now's your chance with the Bitstrips app for Android and iPhone. Bitstrips gives you a new and fun way to communicate with friends by designing a cartoon version of yourself and your friends, and then adding those Avatars into many different comic scenarios.

Having a bad day at work? Don't just write it on Facebook or Twitter. Grab your smartphone and tell everyone though an innovative cartoon image. Design the cartoon version of yourself with many different attribute options like hair color, eye color, build, etc. With Bitstrips, you can add yourself and your friends into over 1000 different custom templates and create the ideal scene for what you are trying to express.

If you haven't already, download the app now and start creating the cartoon you immediately!


  • FREE App in Google Play and iTunes
  • Fun way to express yourself
  • Connect with friends and add them into your scenes


  • Occasional issues loading comic onto Facebook
  • Server overloads from time to time

Final Verdict

Bitstrips has reinvented the way people express their feelings on social media with cartoon status updates.