Instagram Launches New Time Lapse Video App

News - by Guile Canencia on August 26, 2014

When Instagram was first launched several years ago, it was an app that ran only on iOS. Gradually, it began to expand to operating systems, namely Android and Windows Phone. Now, it is revisiting its iOS roots by launching a new app called Hyperlapse, which (for now) only works on iOS-run devices.What Hyperlapse does is that it allows its users to create time lapse videos with the use of their own iOS devices. To make a video, users simply have to open the app, start recording by tapping the circle located at the bottom of the screen, and then stop by tapping the same circle again. When they are done recording the video footage, they can make use of a slider in order to select the speed. Users can choose speeds from a range... read more

Moto G2 Photos Leaked

News - by Guile Canencia on August 26, 2014

Several months back, there have been rumors that Motorola has been developing a new version of the Moto G. According to hearsay, the new Moto G (dubbed as Moto G2) supposedly will boast new features and improvements over its predecessor. Chief among these is a bigger 5-inch 720p display screen (with thinner bezels). According, With possible upgrades, the new Moto...

T-Mobile’s Simple Starter Plan Now With 4 Times High-Speed Data

News - by Guile Canencia on August 26, 2014

It appears that the contest between T-Mobile and Sprint over plan pricing is not over yet. T-Mobile is now providing subscribers of its $40 Simple Starter plans four times the amount of high-speed data, plus a new promo targeted to those who only log low to average data usage on single lines.Beginning September 3rd, for an extra $5.00 per month, customers on...

Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha The First Of Many Future Metal Smartphones

News - by Guile Canencia on August 25, 2014

When the Samsung Galaxy Alpha was announced earlier this month, many geeked out over the soon-to-hit-store-shelves device's metal frame. The South Korea-based company is typically known for its plastic-clad mobile devices, so having a metal frame was definitely a welcome change for fans of the mobile manufacturing giant. Now, Samsung has revealed that going metal...

HTC Posts Teaser Images Of New 64-Bit Smartphone

News - by Guile Canencia on August 25, 2014

Any mobile device techie will tell you that 64-bit smartphones became a reality with the release of the iPhone 5S. However, no other phone maker has been able to produce a 64-bit smartphone that runs on Android. Until now. Through its Weibo account, HTC has officially confirmed that the Desire 820, the mid-range phone they're currently developing, is 64-bit. As...

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