Tom Hanks’ Typewriter-Mimicking App Tops iTunes App Store

News - by Guile Canencia on August 19, 2014

The Hanx Writer, the typewriter-mimicking app launched by actor Tom Hanks last August 14, has proven to be a hit, at least for iPad users. As of August 18 Monday evening, the two-time Oscar-winning thespian's app sat at number one on iTunes' app store.Inspired by Hanks' own fascination with manual typewriters, the app was developed to transform your iPad into a manual typewriter, or at least try to. The Hanx Writer replicates the familiar thwack sound of an old-school typewriter's keys hitting paper. It even reproduces the ding-click-clunk chime that typewriters make when you get to the end of one line and you have to start another one below. Even your iPad's typing view is cleverly morphed into that of a vintage typewriter... read more

HTC One M8 for Windows Signage Sighted in Verizon Store

News - by Guile Canencia on August 18, 2014

Even on the eve of HTC's scheduled event in New York City, the leaks continue to pour in, especially with regards to the HTC One M8 for Windows smartphone. The Taiwan-based company was supposed to debut the One M8 for Windows phone during their upcoming event in the Big Apple on August 19, but it appears that HTC enthusiasts may be getting an advance notice as to...

T-Mobile Further Expands Four-Line Family Plan

News - by Guile Canencia on August 18, 2014

In late July of this year, T-Mobile announced its Simple Choice Family Plan. Offered for a limited time only, the plan allowed subscribers to have four lines of service with unlimited calls, unlimited texting, and 2.5 gigabytes of high-speed data per line -- all for just a monthly charge of $100.00. The introduction of the plan was a timely effort by T-Mobile to...

Verizon's Single Line Plan To Offer Unlimited Calls at $60 A Month

News - by Guile Canencia on August 18, 2014

Verizon recently introduced a new Single Line plan that allows its subscribers to enjoy unlimited voice calls and unlimited texting for a monthly fee of $60.00. Under this new plan, customers also get to make use of up to 2 gigabytes of free data. In a statement released through its official website, Verizon stated that this Single Line plan is specifically...

New Moto X Photos Suggests A Bigger Version

News - by Guile Canencia on August 15, 2014

Via its Facebook page, HelloMotoHk has posted a set of images that may show the front panel of Moto X+1, the newest version of Moto X, the flagship smartphone of Motorola.In the posted images, the aforementioned front panel is shown next to a current Moto X. Looking closely, the Moto X+1's front panel appears to have cutouts for the front speaker and earpiece (it'...

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